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"We have used Bob Rogers at Coastal Tree for 20 years. We find him to be extremely passionate about his work, and extremely knowledgeable about plant and tree care. We have a huge oak tree in our backyard that began to split 4 or 5 years ago. Bob came in and really saved the tree by putting foam in it and wiring it together....Basically he has saved this enormous tree, which we love and is beautiful. We find Bob to be taking a personal interest in our landscaping in particular."

- Ginger

"I met Bob through my landscaper when I first moved into this home. He has been taking care of my plants and mainly my trees for the last 12 years … and I love Bob because he gives me his cell phone number... and he calls me right back. He shows up at my house just to make sure everything's in good shape. The last three years we've had a couple of really big storms, I haven't lost one limb. Not one limb. All my neighbors have, but my property is always in perfect shape because of Bob. I trust him explicitly. He's got a wealth of knowledge, and he's a really great guy."

- Cathy

"We started out with Bob as he was recommended to us, and we've stayed with - we've got a bunch of antique trees surrounding an antique house, and because of what he does, he's kept them alive. He's been very fair with us in terms of pricing, but more importantly, he's kept the canvas that this house was built on in perfect shape - in spite of all sorts of different tree blights that have hit the area. So I can't recommend him highly enough. I just look at what's growing in my backyard and how healthy it is, and just thank him. He's also a lovely, lovely guy, and the people who work for him are quite extraordinary."

- Katie & Bob

"We've been in this house for about 15 years, and for about 12 of it, Bob has been our tree company ... Bob has every year done wonderful feedings of [our] trees, and periodically he will say it's time to do some pruning, and that has kept all those trees really full ... In the last couple big storms we had, we had virtually no damage. We truly believe that if he had let our trees go, we probably would have lost trees or major limbs. Thanks to his diligence ... I think we fared better than a lot of people ... Bob and his staff are certainly knowledgeable, and have always done a very good job for us."

- Connie

"We highly recommend Coastal Tree Experts without reservation. Bob Rogers and his team have been caring for trees on our properties for over 20 years.

Our first property was comprised of over two acres of both very mature trees and newly planted ornamentals. Bob’s knowledge, expertise and skill were always up to the challenge. He continually preserved the health of our older, grander trees through cabling to protect weak limbs, and specialized deep root feedings. Several failing huge ash trees were saved and brought back to health thanks to Bob’s careful attention. Our ornamental trees benefitted as well from expert pruning that always enhanced their beauty. 

Currently, we live on a much smaller beach property. Even though our tree care needs are now much less, Coastal Tree is always there when we need them. A huge spruce tree was recently uprooted due to Hurricane Sandy, and Bob had it taken care of within a week during an unusually busy time. 

We have always found Coastal Tree to be incredibly responsive and professional while providing what we feel is the most expert tree care in our area." 

- Phyllis and Adam Kurzer 

Westport, CT

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