Tree Pruning for Westport & New Canaan, CT

Pruning and tree trimming are necessary after particularly severe storms, or just after your trees become older. Shade trees are large fixtures on your property. Make sure your shrubs and trees are in good health and pose no risk of harming you or your property.

Fallen trees or loose limbs can be prevented by routine pruning and trimming! Reduce your trees’ exposure to high winds and precipitation with the help of our trained and qualified experts in the Westport, CT and New Canaan, CT regions. 

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Small trees, such as Japanese maples, flowering cherries, and crabapples, have a high risk of damage, due to the weight of their crowns. Each year, your trees and shrubs grow and become heavier in their crown region.

Regular tree pruning prevents irreparable damage to your valued trees. 

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